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The following resources aim to introduce the curious carnivore to the diet and outline the fundamentals. These are good resources to share with friends or family that are interested in learning more about the diet and maybe giving it a go.



  • Shawn Baker - The Carnivore Diet
  • Maria and Craig Emmerich - The Carnivore Cookbook
  • Judy Cho - Carnivore Cure
  • Paul Saladino - The Carnivore Code
  • Jessica Haggard - the Carnivore Cookbook

Types of Carnivore Diet

Synonyms or variations on the carnivore and adjacent diets that differ in food variety, macro nutrition ratios and cooking methods.

Zero Carb

Before Shawn Baker came on the scene and popularised the name "Carnivore Diet", the original name for an all meat diet was "Zero Carb". Used by Charles Washington, Kelly Hogan etc on the FaceBook group Zeroing In On Health. The name has since fallen out of favour probably due to its slightly confusing nature. For example, some animal foods contain carbohydrate and there are a number of zero carb plant foods that are not Carnivore. No particular emphasis is given to organ meats, dairy or eletroctrolyte supplementation, with adherants encourage to include to exlucde them as required to achieve health and weightloss goals. A number of long term zero carbers still also consume coffee.

PKD (Palaeolithic Ketogenic Diet) The diet used by Dr. Zsófia Clemens and Dr. Csaba Tóth when treating patients at Paleo Medicina in Hungary. Emphasises ketosis and aims for a fat to protein ratio of 2:1, excludes Dairy and makes use of organ meats.


Keto Animal Foods was originally termed by Amber O'Hearn and is a carnivore's diet that pursues a higher fat more Ketogenic fat to protein ratio of roughly 2:1. Dairy is permitted, and organ meats are optional.

Lion Diet

Coined by Mikhaila Peterson the Lion Diet is a minimalist carnivore diet which includes only red meat (Beef, Lamb) and water with the aim of being the ultimate elimination diet.

Contemporary Carnivore

A more liberal form of the Carnivore diet coined by Ketogenic Endurance which allows deviations for situations like social events and special occasions. More information can be found in the book of the same name.

Raw Carnivore

As the name suggests adherents of the Raw Carnivore diet eat only meat which is completely raw.

Animal Based

Currently being populuarised by Dr Paul Saladino, A whole foods diet that emphasises meat and the nutrition that meat provides, elimates the most toxis plant foods including leaves, stems, roots and seeds but allows for the least toxic plant foods like fruit and honey. The addition of fruit and honey makes the diet non ketogenic (Paul thinks long term ketosis is problematic) and the consumption of organs and raw dairy is highly encouraged.