The Carnivore Field Manual aims to be the go-to practical reference manual for intrepid Carnivores in the wild.

Although the popularity of this way of eating is increasing, along with the number of thriving long term adherents, the realm of Carnivory is for the most part still a black box. The vast majority of studies and observational data within the field of nutrition is based on people who adhere to more standard higher carb diets which can't always be extrapolated to ketogenic/low carb diets let alone a diet completely devoid of plant matter.

Although based on food as old mankind, the carnivore diet is somewhat a pioneering approach to health and nutrition. Additionally, there may be conflicting and contradicting points of view within the following pages. Try not to get mired in minutiae, the most powerful and liberating benefit of the carnivore diet is its simplicity and the goal of any diet should be results not dogmatic adherance. Your own personal experience and experiments will often be much more valuable whilst navigating your way along the path to health and well being.